About Us

RK Industries is one of the most believed and reputed manufacturers & Exporters in whole spices, Ground spices, oil seeds & agro commodities in large quantities. R.K. Industries has started its business in the year 1975 in Belwa, where the focus was on supply of spices and agricultural products on a small scale. 

In 1975 MR. GAUTAM CHAND JAIN the founder of RK Industries moved to Jodhpur from his native village. Being familiar with the farming community and being in correspondence with the local farmers, gave him an idea to broaden the business by procuring, manufacturing, supplying spices and other products. Maintaining a satisfactory relationship between the farmhand, agriculturists and the buyers we make sure quality goods are produced and delivered. RK industries have been in the business for more than about 15 years. The Company is ISO 22000:2005 Certified and A GOVT. OF INDIA recognized TWO STAR EXPORT HOUSE.

India is a country famous for its Spices and Seeds, Indian spices are used worldwide in a majority of cuisines be Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese etc. And we are grateful for carrying the lineage of spices and oil seeds further.

In 1995, we commenced the business of trading & commission; in 1998 we started working on the domestic level. The Industry was officially set up in 2002 by Rakesh Kumar Jain S/O Mr. Gautam Chand Jain; in Jodhpur with a cleaning and grading unit in cumin. Production for cumin brand Ashapurna began in 2003. For meeting the requirements of expanding business a warehouse was set up for unloading the goods, in 2005 with a storage capacity of 1,40,000 bags approx. We have excellently skilled manpower of about 70 people & the production area uses latest technology and equipment.

In later year our company started import-export business; in 2007 we started exporting different types of Indian origin spices worldwide and participated in various trade fairs. In 2014, we began import of spices and dry fruits of Indian origin. Two new companies we set up in the year 2015 & 2016, named UCML which is a logistic company and RK Ind Export Pro Ltd. In the present year we are launching Consumer Packaging name INSPICE for foreign countries. RK industries are an authentic name in trade of spices & goods around the globe. As the capacity of business is increasing to meet the growing demands Industry is also in process of expanding the line by setting up a Sortex plant.

We expertise in the manufacture of spices, used for food flavoring and enhancing taste. The edible products offered here are Pulses, Powder, Grains, Dry Fruits, Oil Seeds, Beans, Herbs, seed and other Spices. All the products produced and manufactured are cultivated using natural chemical free fertilizers. We follow strict quality control & compliance measures; all the items are well processed and tested to ensure the quality is maintained having rich nutrient content. Our spices and food items comply with food and health measures of several countries. Our import-export market is growing; currently market includes countries like Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, and Japan.

Aspiring towards achieving the goals, RK industries takes pride in manufacturing and distributing quality products, aiming to create a trustworthy and satisfied customer relationship. We anticipate towards developing long-term relationships with companies. We take pleasure in dealing with growing companies and leading manufacturers. We invite you to be a part of our journey, kindly feel free to contact us regarding our products or any assistance required, we look forward to dealing with you.